Duration: 45 days


“A web specialist is always desired by every client/customer who can introduce his/her creative imaginations or thoughts completely with an impressive and attractive web design for the business.”
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a language of website creation and simple to learn & understand. In HTML web designers use codes to design a website.HTML 5 is an update of HTML, the advance programming language for describing the contents and look of Web pages. It was developed for the purpose to solve compatibility problems which affect the existing standard of HTML. Difference between HTML 5 and existing standard of HTML is syntax, canvas elements, header and footer element, audio video elements etc.
CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet) is widely used to make great look and feel of web pages written in markup language. CSS3 adds new innovation like rounded corner, Text effect, 2D/3D transformation and multiple columns etc. CSS3 file saves using .CSS extension specially designed to make separation of web page content like layout, font, heading, color etc.

  • Introduction of HTML.
  • Evolution of HTML5
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Fonts
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Iframes
  • HTML Colors
  • HTML Colornames
  • HTML Colorvalues
  • HTML Layout
  • HTML Doctypes
  • HTML Head
  • HTML Meta
  • HTML Scripts
  • HTML Media
  • HTML Audio
  • HTML Object
  • HTML Video
  • HTML YouTube
  • HTML Media Tags

  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Id & Class
  • CSS Styling
  • Styling Backgrounds
  • Styling Text
  • Styling Fonts
  • Styling Links
  • Styling Lists
  • Styling Tables
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Border
  • CSS Outline
  • CSS Margin
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Advanced
  • CSS Grouping/Nesting
  • CSS Dimension
  • CSS Display
  • CSS Positioning
  • CSS Floating
  • CSS Align
  • CSS Navigation Bar
  • CSS Image Gallery
  • CSS Image Opacity
  • CSS Image Sprites
  • CSS Media Types
  • CSS hacking
  • CSS Summary

  • Installation of WordPress
  • Getting started with WordPress
  • WordPress as a blogging platform
  • WordPress as a content management system
  • Work with WordPress themes
  • Manage multimedia in WordPress
  • Install plugins in WordPress

Our leading training in Allahabad with skilled educators to explain each concept of technology and practical implementation. Mission of Training is to provide high quality labs with all tools and industry standard environment so that students can experience stress and real life requirements of technology by working on Live running projects.


• Complete Study Material
• Lab Facility with Internet

• Fully AC Classrooms with Projector
• Faculty having 9+ years Industrial & teaching Experience.

• 100% Job Assistance
• Microsoft Registered Training Partner
• Live Projects under Trainer’s Guidance

Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course syllabus is enough for anyone who wants to get certification and make a professional career in this IT sector. Our training course fee is very nominal which anyone can pay in instalment basis as well. We are having multiple class timings which suit everyone who wants to learn in their own timings

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