Web Development Training

What is Web Development?

Web Designing covers all important and highly demanded technology like Html / Xhtml /Xml, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. After getting this training, student will be able to design website perfectly. In this training, we focus on latest topics like Html 5, Css3, JQuery, JavaScript and Responsive Layout, which are highly demanded in Industry

.Net Training

NET Technology of Microsoft Corporation offers an excellent platform to inhance simple solutions for IT sector.”

Asp.net is the Microsoft technology for web application development to make powerful and valuable applications, .NET framework provides you the complete environment for light and extraordinary UI applications in every aspect of life

Advance Dot Net Training

“Advance level of Microsoft.NET Technology to solve complicate real life needs in simple steps of manners.”

Our Advanced Dot Net Microsoft training focus from basic level training to advanced level training. Our team of Advanced Dot Net trainers are Advanced Dot Net certified professionals with more real-time experience in live projects. Our Advanced Dot Net Course syllabus is enough for anyone who wants to get Advanced Dot Net certification which meets industry expectations.

Java Training

“Object-oriented concept of JAVA divides big problems in small segments, program them and restore for big solutions. ‘Write once, run anywhere’ concept made JAVA most distributed and adaptable programming technology for all platforms.”

Java is the newest technology in IT industry with object oriented concepts and running very popular from small to high scale. This Java course is an ideal platform for learning and to explore advanced features of JAVA technology. JAVA is involved in wide development of IT industry and most popular Android operating systems. Learning JAVA is compatible to provide solution to complicated real life problems.


C and C++ Programming Language training from beginner to advanced levels. C and C++ training is trained by expert experienced instructors, who main aim to make sure you learn everything needed to put your skills into practice in the workplace. After Completion of this course you can start your career as C and C++ Programmer.

Php Training Course

“PHP as a common purpose scripting language become very popular now and showing a great impact on web development. Popularity of PHP provides a great opportunity of shine and long term career in web technologies.”

addicor a leading PHP training center in Allahabad offers PHP courses to make website development more easy and reliable. User friendly web applications make clients do their work in simple and clear way to complete their requirements. We provide PHP training in practical learning sessions, so that each concept can be explained to develop great website applications.

Python Training Course

Python is a powerful programming language that lets you work more quickly & integrate your systems more effectively and faster. Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has interface too many system calls and libraries, as well as to various window systems.

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