J2EE Training

Duration: 1 month

  • Custom tags overview
  • Reducing JSP complexity
  • Tag Libraries
  • Tag Library Descriptor (TLD)
    Loading a tag library in a web app
  • The JSTL
  • JSP Expression Language (EL)
  • Using custom tags
  • The c:url, c:param, c:forEach, c:out tags

  • JSP Directives
  • JSP Error Pages
  • JSP and Java
  • Declarations, Scriptlet overview, Scriptlet syntax

  • HTTP as a stateless protocol
  • Hidden form fields
  • Cookies: Overview, API, Using cookies
  • Session overview: Cookies and session tracking
  • Http Session
  • Putting data into a session object
    Retrieving data from a session object
  • Using session data in servlets and JSPs
  • Additional JSP Capabilities
  • Exception handling and error pages
  • Import declarations
  • Multithreading considerations and data safety
  • SingleThreadModel interface

  • Overview of JSTL libraries
  • The JSTL Expression Language
  • Expressions, Type Coercion, Operators, String concatenation, Implicit Objects
  • Core JSTL Library
  • General Purpose: c:out, c:set, c:catch
    Conditional: c:if, c:choose


  • Relational Database and JDBC Overview
  • Overview, Table Relationships, Web Based Data Access, JDBC Characteristics
  • JDBC Architecture, JDBC API Overview
  • Driver Manager, JDBC Drivers
    Naming databases with JDBC URLs
  • Connecting to a database
  • Connection interface, Establishing a connection
  • DataBaseMetaData
  • Handling Database Exceptions

  • DAO – Data Access Objects, O-R Mapping, Value Objects
  • Processing Database Data
  • Executing statements, precompiled statements and stored procedures
    Processing ResultSets,
    Dealing with Null data
    Updating, inserting, retrieving data
    Controlling Transactions
  • JDBC Driver Types
  • DataSource
  • Java EE and DataSource, Using JNDI
  • Connection Pooling
  • Overview, Usage, Advantages

Component Integration

  • Web Architecture choices
  • Connecting servlets to a database via DataSource

  • XML and Web Services
  • JMS – Java Message Service

  • Complete Study Material
  • Lab Facility with Internet
  • Fully AC Classrooms with Projector
  • Faculty having 9+ years Industrial & teaching Experience.
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Microsoft Registered Training Partner
  • Live Projects under Trainer's Guidance

J2EE is suitable for all IT professionals and also College understudies who look forward to learn J2EE and turn into a successful Developer.

Our leading training in Allahabad with skilled faculty to explain each concept of technology and practical implementation includes total practice on programming with explanation of theoretical concepts in a high standard of implementation.

J2EE Course syllabus is enough for anyone who wants to get J2EE certification and make a professional career in this IT sector. Our J2EE training course fee is very nominal which anyone can afford in instalment. We are having multiple class timings which suit everyone who wants to learn in their own timings.

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