Illustrator Training

Duration: 20 Days

Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing covers all important and highly demanded technology like website design, photo editing and other graphic arts functions After getting this training, students will be able to design websites, edit and process photos and images, craft multi-dimensional images, use popular software, develop designs and draw. They also learn about electronic production, color theory, file management, layout and programming. The best aspect of the designing field is that it gives you a platform to unleash your creativity and you are always working on a unique project and there is a lot of freelance potential in this field.

If you are serious about a career in the field of web designing, Adobe Illustrator training is a must!

llustrator Training course

Adobe Illustrator is graphics tool used to design business website patters logo, sharp edges illustration etc. and user can edit vector image outline. Illustrator utility is developed by Adobe System and helps to provide desire pattern for business logo. To create vector graphics Adobe Illustrator uses mathematical constructs. In it, a line is composed of two dots attached by an algorithm, this is the reason that it is mostly use for logo creation or anything which is need to be printed or displayed at differ sizes. Illustrator allows you to create clean, beautiful works of art that can be scaled up and down infinitely without ever losing quality.


  • Using the Welcome Screen
  • Introducing Vector Based Paths
  • Working with Layers in Illustrator
  • Introducing Anchor Points
  • Creating a New Document
  • Repositioning and Adjusting View
  • Saving the Document
  • Utilizing Illustrator Startup Documents

  • Setting Up Preferences
  • Using Color Settings
  • Configuring Palettes & Workspaces
  • Using Navigation

  • Introduction to Fill and Stroke
  • An Overview of the Color Palette
  • The Color Spectrum Bar and Dialing in colors
  • Black vs. Rich Black in the Color Palette
  • CMYK vs. RGB
  • Creating and Saving New Color Swatches
  • Filling and Arranging Objects in a document
  • Modifying and Arranging the Stroke of an Object
  • Display Artifacts and Stroke Palette options
  • Creating a fill Pattern

  • Using Bridge
  • Creating a Tracing Template
  • Drawing with the Pen Tool
  • Modifying a Path
  • Using and Editing Spline Curves
  • Using Beziér Curves
  • Creating a Cusp Point
  • Modifying and Converting Beziér Curves
  • Cutting, Extending, and Closing Paths
  • Filling Paths

  • Touring the Project
  • An Introduction to the Pathfinder Operations
  • Working with the Pathfinder Palette
  • Comparing Pathfinder Behaviors
  • Joining Paths and the Miter Limit
  • Cropping, Uniting and Arranging
  • Selecting and Deselecting Paths
  • Fill Options and other pathfinder operations

  • Intro to Bridge and The Bridge Center in CS
  • Finding Folders and The Thumbnail View
  • Opening, Moving and Previewing Bridge Files
  • Preview, Filtering and Rating Options
  • Organizing Files using Preferences
  • Deleting, Duplicating, Moving files in Bridge
  • Renaming Sorting and Batch Renaming files
  • Presenting a slide show from the Bridge

  • Setting Palette Options and Using Transparency
  • A Look at the Shape Tools. Creating a Circle
  • Aligning Circle Shapes
  • Creating Star Shapes
  • Creating Rectangle Shapes
  • Using the Flip Tool to Mirror Shapes
  • Combining Shapes
  • Tilde Key Function

  • Introducing Path Transformations
  • Duplicating Objects
  • Moving Objects in Increments
  • Using the Reshape Tool
  • Moving Paths
  • Using the Offset Path Dialogue Box
  • Working with Swatches
  • Grouping Paths
  • Using the Scale Tool
  • Using the Rotate Tool
  • Rotating Multiple Objects
  • Advanced Rotate Options

  • Strokes and Fills
  • Appearance Palate - Transform and Tweak
  • Working with Layers - Uzz Character
  • Making Use of the Join Command
  • Locked Layers
  • Making Center Points
  • Intro to Pathfinder - Intersect Shape Areas
  • Precision Filling Selection
  • Various Selection Commands & Methods
  • Various Scaling Methods
  • Lacemaking Using Shape Tool - Rotate & Fill
  • Merging Strokes & Fills with Compound Path
  • Lacemaking Using Direction Handles & Anchor Points
  • Pucker & Bloat

  • Preparing an Image for Liquefy & Envelope
  • Using the Warp Tool to Liquefy
  • Using the Envelope Functions
  • Editing Enveloped Content
  • Liquefy with Live Trace

  • Importing Text into Illustrator
  • Selecting Text for Reformatting
  • Moving Text to a New Text Container
  • Reformatting Text with the Paragraphs Pallet
  • Altering Text Font and Size
  • Moving Text and Altering Line Spacing
  • Copying Text Formats


  • Complete Study Material
  • Lab Facility with Internet
  • Fully AC Classrooms with Projector
  • Faculty having 9+ years Industrial & teaching Experience.
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Microsoft Registered Training Partner
  • Live Projects under Trainer’s Guidance

Our Illustrator course concentrates from basic level training to advanced level training in completely focused to get placement in MNC Company and certification on Illustrator after completion of our course.
Illustrator Course syllabus is enough for anyone who wants to get Illustrator certification which meets industry expectations. Our Illustrator training course fee is very nominal which anyone can pay in instalment basis as well. We are having multiple class timings which suit everyone who wants to learn in their own timings.

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