Adobe Software Training

Adobe Software Training

Adobe offers many software giving you an opportunity to explore the many photography, design, video, and web development applications. Register at Addicor to learn and get training in its many software listed below:

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is a very popular graphics tool used for editing images, designing website templates, 3D effect templates and much more. The Adobe Photoshop software is developed by Thomas and John Knoll at Adobe System Inc. Photoshop plug-in extend functionality of Photoshop software and few well-liked plugins are color correction plugin, special effect plugin and 3D effect plugin. If you want to modify already created images or graphics etc. then Photoshop is the best for modifications and editing because it includes numerous unique filters, special effects and tools. We will help you master Photoshop skills like retouching, dodge & burn, layers, masks, color corrections, and much more in this Photoshop training course. Become an expert in Photoshop with no experience or previous knowledge of it – Anyone can do it!

  • What is Photoshop?
  • What Does Photoshop Do?
  • The Photoshop Workspace
  • The Menu Bar
  • The Drawing Canvas
  • The Palettes
  • Drawing Things on the Canvas
  • Choosing a Color Defining the Brush
  • The Pencil Tool
  • The Paintbrush Tool
  • The Line Tool and many more.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is graphics tool used to design business website patters logo, sharp edges illustration etc. and user can edit vector image outline. Illustrator utility is developed by Adobe System and helps to provide desire pattern for business logo. To create vector graphics Adobe Illustrator uses mathematical constructs. In it, a line is composed of two dots attached by an algorithm, this is the reason that it is mostly use for logo creation or anything which is need to be printed or displayed at differ sizes. Illustrator allows you to create clean, beautiful works of art that can be scaled up and down infinitely without ever losing quality.

  • Introducing Illustrator
  • The Bridge
  • Symmetrical Shape
  • Transforming Path
  • Workspace And Navigation
  • Selecting Point And Path
  • Fill Stroke And Color
  • Liquefy and Envelop
  • The Powerful Pen Tool
  • Creating And Formatting Type
  • Path Finder Operation

Adobe Indesign

Learn the industry standard layout program that allows you to create a diverse range of print and digital materials with the only limitations being your knowledge. Through hands-on exercises you will learn to navigate the application and use the tools to create layouts from single pages to complex multi-page documents. This course introduces you to the newest techniques and tools used in Adobe InDesign CC 2017.

  • Explore interface and workspaces
  • Setup Documents
  • Learn to work with text
  • Explore the use of Typography and related panels
  • Incorporate images, Word documents and Excel documents
  • Manipulate and manage images
  • Format type to create well-crafted documents
  • Learn about the different color panels and resources
  • Incorporate Tables and related Styles
  • Learn to export, reuse and share projects
  • Become familiar with related Creative Cloud apps and tools

Adobe Premier

This course is designed to allow those new to video editing learn to assemble video, audio, images and titles into a cohesive sequence that tells a story. This courses teaches you how to best utilize Premiere Pro for your video editing projects from content for websites, product demonstrations to corporate videos and other promotional or educational purposes.

  • Introduction to the interface, workspaces, projects
  • Learn to import media
  • Customize the interface
  • Working with transitions
  • Discover editing techniques
  • Control effects
  • Learn to correct colour
  • Create titles
  • Work with audio
  • Learn to render and export

Adobe Audition

Mix, edit, and create audio content with a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display. This powerful audio workstation is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing — and deliver a polished mix with pristine sound. This course teaches you how to use this full-featured audio post-production and editing software to create professional audio files and multitrack sessions for video, radio, games and more.

  • How to clean up unwanted sounds (Noise Reduction)
  • How to work with Video projects in Audition
  • Fine Tune Automation
  • Working with loops
  • Multitrack recording

Adobe AfterEffect

Adobe After Effects is a popular software program for creating motion effects and visual graphics for video.
This course will introduce the After Effects GUI and workspace, as well as show you how to import and organise files, what video standards and presets are, and how to compose motion effects and visual graphics for video.

  • Introduction to the interface, workspaces, and projects.
  • Discover shortcuts to improve workflows
  • Integrate video, audio, images
  • Learn about animating techniques
  • Use linking methods to share properties across objects
  • Distinguish between layer masks and track mattes
  • Explore the fundamentals of motion tracking
  • Utilize keying techniques (green screen)
  • Learn to render and export using Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a web design program that gives even the most amateur web designer the ability to create stunning web pages fairly quickly and easily. You don’t have to know HTML or any other programming language to be able to use Dreamweaver. Like other WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get), you can simply type and paste text and other images onto the screen and let Dreamweaver write the code for you.

  • Create web pages using predesigned layouts or by creating your own
  • Design web pages for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers
  • Add text, mages, and other elements to your pages
  • Embed or link to audio or video files from your page, including from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud
  • Recognize and write basic HTML for your pages – even though you don't have to
  • Create and use HTML tables
  • Use CSS to apply styles to your pages and site, and also to create interactive features
  • Add forms to your web pages for visitors to fill out
  • Publish your website to the web
  • And much more!

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